When it gets dark inside

Every human has its outter shell and its inner core - his soul. The body should protect the soul, so as to it can evolve and strenghen itself.

Lies, intrigues, rejected love,...Every single one produces another crack und makes the shell more unstable.

Every human can only bear a certain quantity, until his outter shell bursts and exposes its fragile core. From there on there is almost no hope, because every foul experience creeps into the soul; hardens it. Vengeance is the predominant thought and from now on this human becomes blind. The aim is only composed of taking revenge. Compassion, affection, understanding, love or trust are covered by the darkness inside.

When it gets dark inside

Autum|Winter '15/'16

photographer: -

models: Nadja Sonntag

h&m: Lisa Knape Make-up Artist